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Bianca Mattern

I am a trained Montessori educationalist and therapist. Since 1997 I have been actively working in the field of “aging seniors” in which I am implementing the knowledge previously acquired during my therapist training.
My “therapy-mom” and mentor Ms. Lore Anderlik encouraged me to follow through with the work I am doing today. After a period of six years, in which I worked as a senior citizen mentor for the “Senior Citizen Residence” in Neustift (Germany), the facility manager, Ms. Kainberger, offered me the possibility to open up my private Montessori practice within the facility.
I have been self-employed for more than nine years now and work according to the concept that I pioneered: integrating Maria Montessori´s principles to senior citizen care. In 2001 I published the principles of the aforesaid concept in my first book “Montessori for Seniors”. It is since then that I have been giving international speeches and lectures about my method and my partnerships now reach as far as Korea and Japan.
Due to an increasing demand I published my second book („Montessori for Seniors – Part II) in 2008, which can be seen as a sequel to the first one. It is meant to familiarize people even more with the educational science of Maria Montessori as to senior citizens.
Furthermore I succeeded in my endeavor of initiating an educational training in order to become a “Montessorian Life Companion.” Together with Ms. Angela Tahetl I founded the “Institute for Active Communications between Generations” in 2007. I am also a member of the occupational union of Montessori pedagogues, therapists, and remedial teachers, as well as a member of the development association of the “Senior Citizen Residence” in Neustift, Passau.
In my work I am being actively supported by my wonderful team: Paula Schütz, Claudia Zuber and Sabine Mattern.

Sabine Mattern

If I am not picking lucky clovers in Cambodia to boost business, I am trying to help my sister where I can. Since the start of Bianca´s private practice I have assisted her in the field of PR-materials, like creating the Montessori for Seniors logo, flyers, supporting office jobs, e.g. editing her recently published book and communicating with the publisher, or training her in cross-cultural communication, which is my area of expertise. I have recently graduated with a Bachelor in International Cultural and Business Studies from the University of Passau and have spent the last months of my studies, researching “Baby Boomers and the Perception of Aging in Relation to Senior Citizen Marketing in the United States of America.” I am now her voluntary outreach liaison to the American market.

Sabine Mattern

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